May 2013 Conference - Montreal - Concordia University

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Submission deadline: January 11, 2013.
Please note that the call for submissions is now closed.

Conférenciers internationaux / International Speakers

Prof. Philip C. Kendall

Keynote: Computers and psychosocial treatments for anxiety in youth.  
Workshop: Treating anxiety in youth:  Clinical procedures informed by developmental, cognitive, behavioral, and family literatures.


Prof. Mark van der Gaag

Keynote: How to detect people at ultrahigh risk for psychosis, and how to prevent a first psychotic episode.  
Workshop: Competitive Memory Training in patients with auditory hallucinations: using imagery in the treatment of strong negative emotions.


Prof. Mark Freeston



Keynote: Intolerance of uncertainty after 20 years: Is there still life in the energizer bunny of worry and anxiety?  

Workshop: Keeping supervision on track: Managing competing tensions. (Presentation given in French)