Credentialing Process

Credentialing criteriaBeginning September 1, 2015, all new applicants for credentialing will be required to submit full credentialing materials for review as described below. Please note that applications will be submitted in 2 stages:

Stage 1:


Applicants will be asked to submit an application form and other required documentation (e.g. CV).
Application fee: $150.00 + applicable tax (non-refundable)

Stage 2:  

Upon invitation, applicants will be asked to submit a work sample.
Application fee: $250.00 + applicable tax (non-refundable)

(Applicants will have up to 3 years (in total) to submit both Stage 1 and Stage 2 application materials)

Stage 1 Application Requirements (Please refer to the application form which allows you to type directly on it): 

CACBT-ACTCC Credentialing Stage1 Application CACBT-ACTCC Credentialing Stage1 Application (117 KB)  


An applicant must:
1. Be a member of CACBT-ACTCC in good standing
2. Hold professional liability insurance that covers all professional activities
3. Be licensed/registered/certified for independent practice by a provincial/territorial regulatory body (or equivalent)
4. Provide an up-to-date CV
5. Provide additional information under either Option A or Option B as described below:

Option A
(Please note: Applicants are required to fulfill ALL criteria under option A if this is the option chosen)
I. Formal training in CBT. At least 40 hours of training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).
II. Minimum CBT experience. Following the completion of one’s formal education and registration or certification, the applicant must have recent, substantial experience in CBT as an independent professional.
III. Letters of support (at least 2) from supervisors or individuals familiar with your practice

Option B
The Applicant must be credentialed in CBT from another credible organization.

Stage 2 Application Requirements:
If Stage 1 applications are favorably reviewed, applicants will be invited to submit Stage 2 application materials as follows:

 1.  An audio recording of a CBT therapy session with a consenting patient.
 2.  Case history
 3.  Case formulation
 4.  Treatment plan

Case History Formulation & Treatment Plan Instructions Chart Case History Formulation & Treatment Plan Instructions Chart (118 KB)