May 2011 Conference - Toronto

May 2011 - Toronto - Ryerson University

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The First CACBT-ACTCC annual Conference, taking place at Ryerson University in Toronto on May 6th and 7this proud to offer seven workshops by National and International experts, 59 clinical and research-focused poster presentations, as well as several social events and networking opportunities for you to develop or strengthen valuable relationships with fellow CBT professionals.

First Annual General Meeting

Join us for a discussion of future directions Saturday May 7th, 4:30 pm within your new association!

On each day of the conference, there will be a full day workshop or two half day workshops to choose from. Confirmed workshops speakers at this time include:

  • Dr. Adam Radomsky (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
  • Dr. Heather Hadjistavropoulos (Essentials of Therapist-Assisted Internet Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy)
  • Dr. Keith Dobson (Working with Negative Cognitions in Depression)
  • Dr. Henny Westra (Motivational Interviewing)
  • Dr. Catherine Lee (Child-and-Family-Focused CBT)
  • Dr. Roz Shafran (Behavioural Experiments)
  • Dr. Richard Swinson (CBT and Medication Management of Anxiety Disorders)

A call for poster presentations has now closed, and two types of poster submissions have been accepted: clinical posters (in which a Cognitive, Behavioural or Cognitive-Behavioural case or treatment or technique is described) and/or research posters (in which the introduction, methods, results and discussion of a completed study or experiment is described). See below for details.


TRS Building - Ted Rogers School of Management

575 Bay Street (entrance at 55 Dundas Street West)


Please read the following guidelines for the 2011 poster session. First authors are expected to forward this information to their co-authors, to be sure they also have this information.

 1.       Poster size

All posters should be 22” high x 28” wide. There will be no exceptions. If your poster does not conform to this size, CACBT-ACTCC may not be able to display it. The first author is responsible for informing all additional authors of this requirement. Presenters are encouraged to prepare a handout that provide an overview of their poster and include additional information they were not able to display on the poster.

2.       All  posters must be premounted on foam core or cardboard

Foam core and card board is easily available in any large office supply store. In addition many stores such as Kinkos will mount posters on foam core or cardboard for a fee. CACBT-ACTCC will provide table-top “easel-back” stands or floor easels for easy display. All posters must be mounted on the stands provided and cannot be displayed in other Ryerson University areas. There are no electrical outlets available. Thus, any computers or other electrical equipment that form part of your display must rely upon batteries as a power source. Most of the posters will be displayed on tables and a few will be on standing easels. It is up to the discretion of the volunteers in the display room to decide where each poster is displayed.

3.       Listing in the conference program

Poster titles and authors will be listed in the conference program that will be included in all convention registration packets. In addition, prior to the conference and 2 weeks subsequent to the conference, the poster abstracts will be posted on the CACBT-ACTCC website. The poster titles and authors will be listed in the form in which they were submitted. It is not possible at this time to make any changes.

4.       Poster session time 

The poster session is scheduled for 12:00 to 1:30 on Saturday May 7. All presenters are expected to be present at that time. Subsequent to the poster sessions the room will be locked for the afternoon and you can leave your poster in the room. All posters must be removed by the end of the day.

All posters must be placed on the display easels between 8:15 and 8:45 am. During that time, please come to Cara Commons (the poster exhibition room), located on the third floor of the Ted Rogers School of Management (entrance at 55 Dundas St. W.). The room will be locked between 9:00 am and noon. This will mean that you will have to leave your morning session as soon as it is finished at noon, so that you can go to the Exhibition room for the poster presentations. Food will be allowed in Cara Commons, so bring something to eat so that you can have some lunch before the next session.

You will be able to leave your poster in Cara Commons after lunch, so that it can also be displayed during the post Keynote cocktail time. Cara Commons will be locked between 1:30 and the cocktail hour.

Thank you for your cooperation. The CACBT-ACTCC Board of Directors would like to welcome you to the first CACBT-ACTCC conference. We are looking forward to meeting all of you and to a very exciting conference and poster presentation.